Marriage Agency of dating for single for getting friendship or love with the girls from Italy, Spain, Germany,
Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Latin America.
Marriage Agency of dating for single for getting friendship or love with the girls from Spain, Italy, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and latin area.



How comes the connection with girls?

Amore Agency for Singles is a real network of agencies for singles in franchising, this means that all our promoters or affiliates who will give you assistance to connect with single girls are entities legally independent of us, through our network we will give you support agencies for the connection between singles, also all of you will be much more protected and guaranteed being directly in touch with our contact person in the area.
Almost all our single girls living abroad in Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Russia are also registered to our foreign partner agencies, which sometimes come into direct contact with you to assist you during your first connection with your beautiful soul mate from the Eastern Europe.

Very soon we will also have Latin girls subscribed from all the other countries of Eastern Europe and Latin America in particular; we will have new single checked and selected girls from Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela.

Purchase our FIDELITY CARD and discover who are the girls interested in you!

Who are our beautiful girls?

Our young ladies are girls from Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia, Belarus and Russia. The girls are carefully selected, being born and grew up not only in the capitals but also in the most distant towns or villages from provinces. They are really genuine women, devoted to the traditional values of a family and capable of great emotional attachment for their man.
They just want a serious relationship that will last a lifetime. The women are not necessarily asking for marriage. They are looking to meet an italian man as he is gentle, honest and passionate.

Can the girls come to Italy, Spain or others country?

It is not complicated to obtain a visa, as many think so. The visa for coming in Italy, Spain or others country is issued in 10 working days, costing up around 150 euros. The girl would stay maximum 90 days on a tourist visa basis. During the period of these 90 days, there can trigger the spark of love, and getting to know you better, the selected girl can also find a job, with your help or can initiate some studies or try to get the residence permit for studies or work. For the girls already residents of Italy, Spain or others country, there will be no request of any visa or residence permit.

How get to contact your girls? Where dating with girls take place?

You can decide where and how to connect and meet with the chosen single girl: In our agency by us in the foreign country or in your city. First of all, you have to choose the single girls that may be of interest from our website, then we will ask you only to buy our services card or FIDELITY CARD (Cost €99+VAT (119 Eur) for 3 full months service) so as to put ourselves in the economic conditions call the first girl, talking to her of you, send her your own photos and then she will send you a video where she will present herself to you in private. This is the first step which will demonstrate your seriousness. Then, if you want you can bring forward the live meeting, starting to contact the girl on Facebook, Viber, Skype, E-mail, SMS or via webcam. So if you subscribe at just Euro 99 we will give you her phone number and you can connect with her. The connections are completely free through a wi-fi line, if you will not have the access our PROMOTER will think how to make you talk to the first girl. Our subscription services require that you can choose up to a maximum of 10/12 girls to contact or meet within 12 months. Subscriptions will include PRIVATE GIRLS’ CONTACTS for your complete autonomy. As an alternative you can MEET THE GIRLS IN OUR OFFICES.

We advise you to organize a trip of 4-8 days to know the chosen girl in real life, in these days could take the thunderbolt between you and the girl and then there would continue the relationship via webcam from Italy and then during 15-30 days it will be decided how to invite the girl to Italy, Spain or others country. Of course, girls are available to come to Italy almost always, except that they do not have exams at the university in the chosen period or have to wait for the holidays from work. If you're busy with your work we suggest you make her arrive to you.

We can help you planning everything for you or the girl you want to invite: travel, visas, permits with minimum effort and financial commitment, in the most convenient and fastest way possible for you and the girl.

The price for your trip and visa is already included in the price of our service?

No, the price for your trip or for the girl’s trip to Italy is not included in the price, neither the costs for visa.

Therefore, in order to know the girl you will have only to pay for the air-plane ticket, around 200 Euro, round trip, and for visa costs for the girl, if you want her to Italy immediately.

Obviously, many business men don’t have time or desire to go to meet the girl at about 2000km distance, so, if you can not travel, the girls want to come to Italy to get to know you as soon as possible. There are young girls and still without a stable work place, so they will understand for sure if you can not come to them.

Our service will end after your contact with the girl. Our purpose is to connect single hearts. There will rest a friendship between us for sure and if you want to let a positive message after through email, we will publish it on our site.

Why russian girls want to marry Italian, Spanish, German and westerly men?

Many men, even handsome, being in a lack of time or personal occasions, have real difficulty to find their soul mate for a lifetime. In fact, the subscribed men here are looking for a brave beautiful girl, who puts the price on the family values.

But this does not mean that such kind of persons do not exist! There are! If you did not find her in Italy, why not let us to help you? Look for her in Ukraine or in Latvia. There are many beautiful, serious, honest and intelligent girls. We will try to connect you to them. You will be able to select only a girl. Or ten girls or finally fifty girls to contact and know.

Finally, the statistics explain everything, in East Europe or Russia there are seven women for a man. There are really few not married men but so many single women, looking to have a familly. Because of this, many girls from East Europe are looking for foreign men through a marriage agency, in order to find their soulmate or a close friend.

How much costs Amore Agency? How will I pay for the service?

Amore Agency for Singles is not just a marriage agency and is not an online chat but it is a service agency for singles having the only goal to interconnect single men and women listed in our web site.

The profiles of men will never be published on line but will be sent by us to the girls subscribed without contacts and without pictures for the sole purpose of getting their interest in writing.

The subscription on the Amore Agency web site is for free. Our assistants will advise your ideal woman for free.

For the careful research of single girls you want to contact or meet we will ask you to pay only for the FIDELITY CARD at €99+VAT (119 Eur) for 3 full months service.

Subsequent costs are for the monthly or yearly subscriptions, absolutely not required but expected by Amore Agency contract. YOUR SOUL MATE IS WAITING FOR YOU!

All Agency Services for Single Amore can be paid by credit Visa card, Mastercard, Postepay, Paypal ect. We also accept bank transfer and cash payment.

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Our agency have selected in Italy, Spain, France or Germany and in other countries some independent promoters to help us meet each of you, interested in in meeting your soulmate in Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Latvia. After being subscribed for free, there will be given to you the phone number of ... Details


A gift for the heart!

Amore Agency have recently purchased many intimate articles of famous Italian brands and not only to associate the purchase of our Standard subscription by 12 girls.We will make as a gift, an intimate article to the girl selected by you only when you will contact the girl through our staff and she will accept your attention ... Details

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Marriage Agency of dating for single for getting friendship or love with the girls from Spain, Italy, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and latin area.